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ABOUT MicroTechnology


MicroTechnology provides its customers with comprehensive product development support for embedded device software and hardware, and enhanced productivity IT systems. The company’s approach enables its customers to meet their needs with flexibility throughout the development process, from system planning and prototype development to mass production.


MicroTechnology desired to extend its product centric offering with an online service capability such that the end-customer receives a complete solution to their business problem. MicroTechnology sought a partner with a flexible, localisable and locally deployable IoT platform to form the foundations of their online service capability.

Global Deployment <br>& Easy Localisation

MicroTechnology adopted a Dedicated Edition of the Cumulocity IoT Platform specifically tailored for the local market and promoted as the CuMoNoSU IoT Platform powered by Cumulocity.

  • Dedicated Edition of Cumulocity IoT Platform
  • Local deployment in Japanese Cloud Data Centre
  • Fully rebranded CuMoNoSU powered by Cumulocity
  • User interface tailored for Japanese language


MicroTechnology has now taken a number of its own combined IoT product and online offerings to market and is assisting a growing number of customers develop their own solutions.

    Adoption of the fully customisable, ready-made software allowed the CuMoNoSU branded and Japanese language version of the IoT platform to be available in only 8 weeks
    Ensuring data management can be managed to local regulations, whilst maximising operational round-trip communication performance
    Fully transparent set-up and usage-based monthly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fee
“We are sure that our new IoT Cloud platform service CUMoNoSU - powered by Cumulocity - will meet our customers’ needs in the future. The ‘CUMoNoSU’ is perfectly suited to the realization of IoT services in Japan, not only in the aspect of function but also of price.”
Shinichi Ishimatsu Shinichi Ishimatsu, President
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Realize your ideas, whatever your business drivers

  • Your machines currently operate on your customer's site and are maintained by your service personnel
  • Your existing remote maintenance solution is costly and lacks the functionality you desire
  • You would like to improve customer satisfaction through new proactive maintenance services
  • You want to differentiate in your market with new innovative offerings
  • You want to add an online service to your hardware product

Cumulocity opens up possibilities that previously have been only viable for large industrial applications. Get in touch to find out more.