Fully Tailored Device &
Application Management

Deutsche Telekom offers the Telekom branded 'Cloud of Things' IoT Platform – powered by Cumulocity - as the cornerstone of its M2M/IoT solution business for enterprises in Europe.

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Global Deployment
& Easy Localisation

MicroTechnology launches the CUMoNoSU IoT Platform – powered by Cumulocity – to allow the Japanese market to rapidly, cost-effectively and securely leverage the benefits of the Internet of Things.

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Real-time Analytics &
Predictive Maintenance

CERTUSS assures the operation of its process critical steam generators through predictive maintenance enabled by mass remote monitoring and real-time business analytics.

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Online Services for
Consumer Products

Trackerando uses Cumulocity to rapidly deliver to market a fully featured secure consumer online and mobile tracking service offering around their tracking product.

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Supply Chain Automation
for Distributors

Lyreco fully automates the supply chain of its Nespresso premium coffee service using real-time usage data to improve the customer experience and save costs.

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Rapid Industrial & Agricultural Solution Development

STW launches the machines.cloud - powered by Cumulocity - to rapidly deliver vehicle tracking and agricultural analytics solutions to their customers.

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Other references

Electronic Payment on Vending Machines

PayPal boost payment convenience with PayPal electronic payment on all vending machines across their campuses.

Industrial Real-time Optimised Energy Management

Athion enables industrial customers to reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency and increase robustness of energy supply through real-time monitoring and control of block heating systems.

Improved Readiness of Blood Analysis Equipment

Exceet enables improved patient care and increased equipment utilisation using remote monitoring of blood analysis equipment.

Remote Control Maintenance for Forklifts

Hubtex ensures maximum machine availability and minimised production losses using remote control and predictive maintenance of its forklifts

Smart Work Zones - Making road traveling faster and safer

Make travelling on the VicRoads’ network faster & safer for all road users by providing road users with accurate, relevant, contextualised real time information.

Mobile Payment on Vending Machines

Goappified increase the payment convenience with mobile payment on vending machines

Smart Street Lighting for Cities and Citizens

Future Intelligence reduces the energy consumption and outages of street lighting using real-time condition monitoring and control.

Condition Monitoring of Industrial Air Compressors

Gardner Denver performs condition monitoring on its industrial air compressors to give customers remote visibility of operation and allow proactive servicing.

Digital for Consumer Electric Vehicles

Kumpan enhances the consumer proposition and supports the flourishing rental market with remote tracking and condition monitoring of its connected electric vehicles.

Remote Monitoring and Control of Industrial Chillers

Pfannenberg cost-effectively assures service levels to customers using remote monitoring and control on its industrial chillers.

Remote Monitoring and Control of Industrial Conveyor Belts

Tünkers cost-effectively improves service levels to customers using remote monitoring and control on its industrial conveyor belts.

Remote Monitoring of Commercial Sweeping Vehicles

BROCK Kehrtechnik enables greater operational efficiencies for customers using its sweeping vehicles through remote monitoring.

Tracking of Shipping Containers

DAL increase operational efficiency and enhance customer experience through real-time location and condition monitoring of shipping containers.

Remote Fill Monitoring of Recycling and Waste Bins

Round Solutions enables greater operational efficiencies for cities through remotely monitoring the fill level of recycling and waste bins.

What analysts say about us


Frost Sullivan

2016 IoT Application
Enablement ScoreCard
December 2016

"This is the third year in a row that MachNation has rated Cumulocity as a leading IoT application enablement platform vendor. Cumulocity has a particularly strong offering in the maturing IoT AEP ecosystem. MachNation believes this strength comes from a horizontal industry-agnostic platform approach, a flexible deployment model and a focus on device integration."


Frost Sullivan

2015 IoT Application
Enablement ScoreCard
January 2016

"Based on MachNation’s in-depth analysis of twenty-three IoT application enablement vendors in its “2015 IoT Application Enablement ScoreCard”, MachNation rates Cumulocity as a leading IoT application enablement vendor.

In its ScoreCard, MachNation highlights Cumulocity’s dashboard builder that allows enterprises and integration partners to build dashboards with IoT data."


Frost Sullivan

Best Practices Award
January 2015

"The quality of Cumulocity’s platform is apparent in the features and functions such as connecting devices, plug-and-play design, high-grade security, data storage, real-time control, and applications. Cumulocity’s ability to introduce innovative capabilities, combined with its comprehensive IoT portfolio tailored to a wide variety of industrial applications, endows it with a sturdy brand image and future opportunities in the global IoT market."


Making the correct Application Enablement Platform decision
July 2014

“Cumulocity's Application Enablement Platform (AEP) is future proof, highly scalable, extremely cost efficient, secure and designed for mobile environments. MachNation identifies Cumulocity as a global benchmark for AEPs”


M2M Market Outlook
April 2014

“Cumulocity named as an important market disruptor along with only 2 other M2M/ IoT platform providers”

Machina Research

The Emergence of M2M/IoT
Application Platforms
September 2013

“Cumulocity: An early leader in M2M/ IoT Application Platform space, and ahead of the market.”

Machina Research

M2M Leaderboard
September 2013

“Deutsche Telekom launched M2M development kits for programmers [...] the IoT platform is supplied by cloud specialist Cumulocity [and] any operator that is serious about M2M should aim to provide this kind of support”