Mon May 07 2012

Interview with Bernd Gross, Head of M2M

Bernd Gross, Head of M2M at Nokia Siemens Networks was interviewed by M2M Magazine at M2M World Congress 2012. See the interview and read about the Nokia Siemens Networks approach at M2M Magazine.

Fri May 04 2012

Monetizing the M2M Opportunity

How can mobile operators capture more value in the machine-to-machine area and what challenges will they face? Bernd Gross answered this question at the M2M World Congress 2012.

Wed Apr 18 2012

Visit us a CTIA Wireless 2012, May 8-10

Nokia Siemens Networks is helping operators worldwide to enter and take advantage of the business opportunities of the exciting M2M market. We offer operators the flexibility of a cloud-based platform for delivering M2M services, achieving profitable M2M. Find out how we can help you. Join us and meet our M2M experts in Hall D, Nokia Siemens Networks Booth. For more information about CTIA Wireless 2012, see

CTIA Wireless 2012

Wed Apr 18 2012

Join us at M2M World Congress 2012, April 26-27

Hear Bernd Gross, Head of M2M at Nokia Siemens Networks, talk about "Monetizing the M2M opportunity: Key Challenges for Mobile Operators". More information about M2M World Congress is available at

M2M World Congress 2012

Sun Mar 04 2012

Cumulocity in the press

Informa's Mark Newman writes about the Mobile World Congress and Cumulocity, see here.

Fri Mar 02 2012

Are your devices secured?

Many devices still run embedded servers to communicate with the internet. What Michael Sutton showed at the RSA conference for printers and video conferencing systems applies to many other machine-to-machine services in the same manner. Luckily, this cannot happen if you use Cumulocity!

Thu Feb 16 2012

Visit us at Mobile World Congress

Cumulocity will be launched at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. Visit our Experience Center in Hall 8 to hear about

  • M2M connectivity.
  • Telematics.
  • Vending.
  • Operator insights into machine-to-machine.

Attend the keynote "Monetizing the M2M opportunity" on Wednesday, 29th, in GSMA Congress Conference Room 5. More information about Nokia Siemens Networks at the Mobile World Congress can be found at

Fri Feb 10 2012

Cumulocity 1.0 available

Cumulocity 1.0 is now publicly available. Compared to Cumulocity 0.9, the release resolves a number of bugs and improves stability. It also includes initial support for application management. The full developer documentation is available at

System requirements

The system requirements for using the software development kit are described in Installing the SDK. The Cumulocity web user interfaces should work with most modern web browsers. The user interfaces are tested with Firefox 3.6, Chrome 16.0 and Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Upgrading from C0.9

Cumulocity now requires an application key in the interfaces. The application key is used to track if a tenant is subscribed to an application that they use. See the REST implementation guide for more information.

Developers using the C0.9 client libraries need to update the libraries. For more information, see the section "Updating the client libraries" in Installing the SDK.

New features since C0.9

  • Get a list of specified managed objects in predefined order.
  • Tenant management user interface for operators.
  • Application management using application keys as identifier for applications.
  • Authentication is extended to verify that tenant user is entitled to use application which is making request to the platform.


  • Add default security proxy to always secure REST resources.
  • Fixed authorization.
Mon Dec 12 2011

Cumulocity 1.0 Beta available

The machine-to-machine team at Nokia Siemens Networks is proud to announce the release of Cumulocity 1.0 Beta, available now online through

Cumulocity 1.0 Beta contains a comprehensive set of features for managing and controlling smart objects, collecting and validating data and providing it to enterprise back-office applications. It promotes innovation by providing a global machine-to-machine developer community and sandbox environment for developers to test machine-to-machine applications.

In particular, Cumulocity 1.0 Beta provides:

  • REST APIs to manage inventory, measurements, events and control commands of smart objects.
  • Developer community services including learning materials, IDE setup instructions and an end-to-end example.
  • Access to Cumulocity Sandbox to test applications.
  • The Sensor Library, to ensure that different smart objects can interwork with different applications.

For marketing and support, please contact:

Mon Dec 05 2011

M2M coverage in Unite magazine

The latest issue of Unite magazine has two articles about machine-to-machine: An interview with Ovum's Evan Kirchheimer and an overview of our telematics cooperation with Yutong Bus, China.