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Developing IoT solutions with Cumulocity

Cumulocity clouds

Open, application centric & free to try

Our IoT Platform allows you to prove your end-to-end business concept quickly with a handful of things and rapidly scale your deployment to over 20 global data centres as you connect with telco grade reliability.

Cumulocity clouds

Open, application centric & free to try

Our IoT Platform allows you to prove your end-to-end business concept quickly with a handful of things and rapidly scale your deployment to over 20 global data centres as you connect with telco grade reliability.

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  • Device lifecycle
  • Device identity management
  • Asset management
  • Connection and Configuration management
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Software management
  • Real-time alarm management
  • Bulk operations and Auditing
  • Smart Rules
  • Extensive real-time streaming analytics
  • Analytics Applications
  • Analytics Development Environment
  • Data explorer
  • Real-time dashboard builder
  • Remote management and control
  • tracking
  • Extend with Plugins and Applications
Connectivity & Normalisation
  • Many certified devices
  • Connectivity abstraction
  • Protocol support
  • Device SDKs
  • Data modelling
  • Integrated 3rd party services
  • Integration builder for 500+ cloud services
  • API developer portal
  • Built-in API gateway
  • Built-in API admin portal
  • Integration SDKs

  • Security methodology based on over 20 years developing of carrier grade platforms
  • Physical security based on Tier 4 data centers
  • Network secuirity based on firewalls and DMZ
  • Access Security using Device Identity Management, OAuth 2.0 and SSL encryption
  • Application security including multi-factor authentication, strict database separation between tenants and audit logging

Cumulocity's key features

Scroll down to explore the key features that make Cumulocity the global leading provider of IoT software and solutions.


Industrial equipment connections simplified with Cloud Fieldbus

Avoid lengthy integrations and specialist training whilst easing the replacement process.

Configure your data points and set points from Cumulocity for prevalent fieldbus protocols like Modbus, CAN bus and OPC-UA. No software development needed.

Monitor status, collect historical data, log changes and record the alarms from your fieldbus equipment.

Industrial-strength security with no VPN required.

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Real-time web SCADA

Real-time SCADA process and system visualisations

Intuitive real-time holistic visualisations of processes and systems monitored from data points from many devices.

Create process diagrams, floor plans, machine graphics and many more visualizations with real-time data populated as numerical values, gauges and changing images.

Provide buttons, drop-down menus and text boxes for remote machine configuration.

Use it on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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Smart Rules

Speed up rule creation with Smart Rule wizards.

Onboard your customers with their own platform with at the click of a button.

Visually define geofencing and measurement thresholding rules.

Alarm escalation and forwarding to email, SMS and voice.

Associate rules to an individual device or a device group for automatic activation on registration.

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Streaming Analytics

Extensive real-time streaming analytics

Powerful tool for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and cloud-based automation.

Execute your analytics models using real-time data from devices and send real-time commands to your devices.

Full-featured custom analytics including time windows, time-based triggering, pattern matching and aggregation.

Thresholding, validation, derived data calculation, forecasting and notifications.

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Device Management

Full-featured device management

Native IoT device management which scales to hundreds of device types.

All telco-grade device management features including fault management, software management, configuration management, alarm management and performance management.

Extensive troubleshooting through an interactive device shell and remote log viewing.

Mass device management features including bulk registration, bulk update schedule and rules definition, bulk roll-out and bulk monitoring features.

Platform initiated device interaction for predominantly dark devices via SMS for cellular connections.

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Low Power WAN ready for ultra-low bandwidth solutions

Read data from Low Power, Wide-Area Network devices and control them remotely from Cumulocity.

Connection to SigFox and Activity connectivity management platforms eases device registration and enhances troubleshooting.

Read data from LPWAN devices and transform the data into business concepts.

Send commands to LPWAN devices.

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3GPP Cumulocity abstracts various APIs used by different low bandwidth access technologies and ensures a stable integration layer towards IT systems and applications. In practice this means that enterprises and OEMs using an industry standard solution already today can also deploy the 3GPP standard solution once it becomes available without IT system re-engineering.


Zero model configuration

Connect a new Cumulocity-certified device and go. No manual configuration needed.

No need to manually configure models or templates before connecting new device types.

Fine grained capability inventory supports unlimited device versions, device variants and device licensing aspects.

Plug-and-play device models, no need for manual configuration.

Standard models for device management and common sensors.

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SaaS integration builder

Enterprise integration for accelerated end-to-end business process innovation

Connects your real-world devices to hundreds of business applications through Cumulocity IoT.

Power your critical business processes with a combination of real-time structured and unstructured data from business systems and devices.

Securely share business data with your supply chain partners and customers in real-time.

Transform, filter and process data using Cumulocity IoT's analytics engine.

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Carrier-grade security

Your security, privacy and data ownership matters.

We have been certified using some of the world’s strictest security assessments and use the world’s most secure hosting services. has rated our encryption level as exceeding that for some banking sites.

Your data is yours and stays yours, even if you decide to cancel your subscription with us one day.

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Streaming Analytics

Native multi-tenancy

Onboard your customers with a click.

True, native multi-tenancy: Manage all your customers together on one platform, securely separated.

Subscribe customers to additional functionality and applications.

Report on usage statistics.

Onboard customers using a UI or REST API.

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